Vendor Inspection And Expediting

Vendor Inspection
Budiman Inspection Sdn Bhd has the proven ability to protect client interests' in their procurement of components by providing vendor inspection services. These are conducted by qualified inspectors and engineers throughout Malaysia and in world wide. 
The object of the service is: -

  • To provide control, at the manufacturer or sub-contractors premises, of the quality of workmanship and conformity of manufactured equipment with the purchase specifications, applicable drawings, codes or standards. 
  • To identify the cost effective test plan which will determine the level of Budiman involvement.
  • Once the plan is received, apply rigidly monitored inspection stages, securing the level of cover required.

Vendor Expediting
The object of this service is: -

  • To compare the progress of activities with a pre-determined time schedule or critical path analysis.
  • To establish potential bottlenecks and examine these activities.
  • To suggest constructive solutions in order to meet agreed completion dates. To inform the client of the real situation existing at the manufacturers' facilities and of all decisions taken or suggested regarding the time schedule.

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